USB delivery 

We deliver movies/series on USB with english subtitles turn on/off optional. Nothing is hardcoded! All of our movies & series are 720p / 1080p quality. All of the new releases are 1080p. Our USB is completely free with your order. 

How to play the movie/series?

Make sure your TV is a smart TV that allows USB’s to be plugged in! Also possible to plug in your DVD player!

Don’t have a TV? No problem!

You can play the content on your laptop/desktop. You can also plug in your laptop to your tv with an HDMI cable. 

Don’t have an HDMI cable?

Order one here : 

Quality control

All of our movies are tested for quality and subtitles. We also double check the USB that is meant to go out for delivery to make sure that all of the content is as promised!

We refrigerate all of our snacks!